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Mommy’s Time Out! We need them too!

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Mommy’s Time Out! We need them too!

So I’m a mom now. My day is full, my tummy often empty (without realizing), and I’m usually extremely tired! I guess being a mom means being all things to most people. From running the home with things like scheduling meals, getting groceries, paying the bills.. I’d say cleaning, but who I am kidding, that’s too low on my priority list. And then there’s working.. in my case it’s running a small business with my business partner, who is also a mother. Between the two of us, we are running 24/7. And then there’s maintaining a relationship on top of this. My poor hubby, I’m pretty sure he feels like I don’t know he exists.

Mommy’s Time Out

Basically since I’ve had children, especially since my second baby, I don’t feel like my body is my own. I belong to my family. Which I love, and in no way am I complaining about, but it’s easy to get run down and to forget about taking care of myself. I’m pretty sure I’m currently fighting off a cold that just won’t quit… it’s just lingering, waiting for the right moment to attack (one more sleepless night might be just what it needs to be a full fledged cold). And then there are those days that I just seem to wake up in tears, for no apparent reason. Maybe it’s exhaustion or being overwhelmed by everything or just because I need a good cry.

Women often feel that they need to take care of everyone and everything else before they can even consider themselves, and then at that point their heads are hitting their pillow for a couple hours before the next mid-night feeding. I have a thought – not my own mind you – but I’d like to share it! Remember, that you can’t take care of your family without being in good health yourself. Imagine a world where mom’s actually took care of themselves? What if they actually asked for help? Or if they actually said NO once in a while?? Imagine how productive this world could be?

I know I’m my worst enemy. I seem to love to work (at actual work or otherwise), I have really high expectations of myself, and I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. Every month and a half or so I seem to hit a breaking point, and my husband is usually at the receiving end of this. Yes, breaking point means loud talking (I don’t like to think that I yell), crying, and I usually don’t listen to reason in these moments. The end result is always my husband suggesting that I ask him for help or let him know what he can do (BUT why can’t you just know? is usually my answer to him in these desperate moments). And also, him asking me to take more time for myself to rest (yeah right, when would I find the time for that?). And finally, his last suggestion? Go to bed when you are tired (HA – but that’s when I get my best work done)!!! But let’s be honest! These are all important suggestions! Our partners don’t want to see us run ourselves ragged. They love us after all, and they want us to enjoy life as much as we enable our families to enjoy it.

Why is it so hard for me to do these three things?

  • Ask for help
  • Find time for myself
  • Sleep!

I vow once again, that I will make a conscious effort to take these three steps (until my next breaking point when I’ve forgotten them again). This all being said – Shaunacy and I know how important it is for mom’s to take that time out! And of course for dad’s to do the same. I am truly not trying to ignore them in this blog because I know that they do a lot as well, but I am a mom so I relate to that side of it all. SO – in honor of the Mama’s Night Out, Glow is hosting a series of events that are directed to re-centering and re-focussing the mama population!

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