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A Story of Persistence

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A Story of Persistence

Thank you Melissa for sharing your story. Mother’s often doubt themselves – your journey of persistence and growing confidence is truly inspiring.

My story is about my struggles, my failures and my ultimate successes with breastfeeding 3 children. When we had our first son Kane I was that first time anxious mom who wanted to do the very best I could for my first baby. I was determined to try and breastfeed my son despite feeling shy. I lacked the confidence to bare my breast in public for fear of what people may say or even the looks I could get. My baby boy seemed to cry often and I would try to nurse him, but all he did was turn away and cry. I was so discouraged and upset I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and I didn’t know who to turn to for help. My husband was very supportive, but he didn’t have the answers I needed. I felt like I was failing my baby and the was worst first-time mom. I was too shy and scared to ask for help. I should know how to breast feed my baby right?! So after trying on my own for three months I gave up and we used formula. Kane thrived! Boy did he thrive! He was so happy and was no longer crying while we fed him.

Story of Persistence

When our baby girl Pazlie came along two years later, again I was determined to breastfeed. With a tiny bit more confidence, but not much more, I went ahead. I was still nervous of what people thought about nursing in public. After about two months and difficultly latching, my supply diminished and was not enough for her. Again, I was too hesitant to ask for help and so, with great discouragement and a heavy heart, gave up and switched to formula. Our daughter is a healthy beautiful, happy girl!

Here we are three years later and have recently welcomed handsome little Fynn into our family. Right from the beginning he latched really well and nursing was great. I was thrilled and felt like I could do it! This time I went into breastfeeding with a different mind set. I was much more confident and I stopped doubting that I could do it. I stopped worrying what others would think if they saw my breast while feeding my child. This time I asked questions, whether they were right, or silly, or wrong (there are no wrong questions!). I sought support from a lactation specialist and she assured me Fynn was doing great! I focused on my sweet baby boy, breastfeeding, giving him the nourishment he needed, and as he snuggled right into my breast we were so happy and content.

It was important to me to teach my two older children about breastfeeding so that in the future, they will be confident parents when it comes to feeding their children. I never want them to make another mom feel uncomfortable for feeding her child. I feel so blessed to have been able to breastfeed Fynn and I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey to get here. I am a strong and better mom because I pushed myself, I persevered and believed in doing what I felt was best for our children.

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