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Sexy Maternity

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Sexy Maternity

Sexy Maternity

Pregnant bodies are nothing short of amazing and are something to be celebrated. Lesley came into the studio knowing she wanted to do something different. She had the typical maternity photos where you smile and love up your belly, but this wasn’t her first child and she really wanted to celebrate her body. So we played! She felt fun and flirty in that belly dancing skirt and I ended up with some amazing images that Lesley can keep to commemorate creating 5 beautiful babies. Yes! This is number 5 if you can believe it. What an amazing woman. We had such a nice time just chatting and sharing with one another. It was a really beautiful experience for both of us. The skirt and scarf that became our wardrobe was something we borrowed from Shaunacy’s stash of fun fabric the day of in the studio and I think it turned out beautifully.

Maternity – At Home

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I firmly believe photography should be a reflection of who you are at each stage in your life. Let’s not pretend and plaster on huge smiles and just stand there. Let’s work together and create a series of images that really shows off you and your family. Margot invited me over for her maternity photos. She lives in a cozy home in the country, so we took advantage of the natural light coming through the window in the livingroom and then went outside to explore the property with her son Wendel. I was obsessed with the colour of their shed so we spent time trying out a few different things here. You wouldn’t think a shed would be an ideal spot for a photoshoot but it worked beautifully, don’t you think?

Winter Maternity Photos

Maternity Photos

It’s winter, and you’re pregnant. You want maternity photos but everything you’ve seen online is all sunny, happy, summery photos. Don’t let that stop you! Check out Shelly and Mike who invited me to their house last week. We went for a walk just down the street to a frozen lake – A FROZEN LAKE! It was amazing and magical! What an incredible opportunity and an incredible space to take photos unique to their lives and their home. I also really love the pictures we took on their porch. I’ve made it a point of taking a photo outside every home we live in (we’ve moved across the country a few times). When our children look back I want to document what our house looked like, where they were born, where they grew up. That’s our family history! So don’t feel stuck. It can be as simple as your front porch on a gorgeous snowy day or a really freaking cool frozen lake!

Family Photography – in your home

Hands down, photoshoots in your house make life much easier. There’s no crazy rush to get everyone out of the house and arrive at the studio looking intact. There’s access to food and water and the bathroom and extra clothes in case something goes awry. As long a there is a good source of a natural light for us to play with, we’re good! I love going into client’s homes. It’s so comfortable for everyone involved and especially flexible for newborns. Most times, I’ve never even seen the space before and I don’t know where the light source is coming from or what it’s going to look at that time of day. It really challenges me to get creative with my work and pushes my skill set to new levels! I also really enjoy seeing older children in their own space. While everyone is getting settled, siblings can show me their favourite book and we can read together, getting to know one another so that they’re comfortable with me when it’s their turn for me to photograph them. It’s incredibly rewarding. With this beautiful family, I was able to take turns bringing in Mom and Dad with their newborn into the bedroom for individual portraits and then work our way into family photos. After, with a grilled cheese sandwich in big brother’s belly, it was time for him to have his turn! We did some private nursing photos too which just makes me do the biggest happy dance. I love when women can take a moment to honour themselves and what their bodies are capable of. It is truly amazing. Thank you, for sharing your beautiful home and family with me.

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