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A Story of Generosity, A Story of Differences

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A Story of Generosity, A Story of Differences

Thank you Robynne Lee for sharing your success with feeding and generosity with supporting others.

Fortunately, I have had a very successful nursing relationship with my twins Kendall and Kyla.

In the beginning my milk didn’t come in until day 5 and while in the hospital we would cup feed any colostrum I was able to pump. The girls were very small and because of that they didn’t have a good latch. They couldn’t latch good enough just yet so we decided to try nipple shields to help them with something more to latch to. They started to increase their intake but with weighing them at the lactation consultants at the hospital they weren’t sucking enough. So we started to breastfeed and then top up with one ounce of bottles of breastmilk afterwards and pump after every feeding. My goal was to fool my breast into thinking I was feeding 4 children not two. We got bottles that would match the nipple shields shape (Playtex ventair wide nipple) as to avoid nipple confusion. Feeding them on the breast with a top up bottle and then pumping afterwards became a job all in it’s self. Doing all 3 every feeding was time consuming but was always worth it.

Story of Generosity As a first time mom my fear was that I was loosing or going to loose my milk supply so it became a necessity for me to pump to maintain this abundance of milk so that I could feel like I was adequately providing for my kids. I can proudly say I have successful breastfed my twins for 10 and a half months and counting. Also another tid bit about our breastfeeding journey is that I have always tandem fed them in football position every feeding. I have never just fed one baby. The twins also still use the nipple shields and won’t latch without them but that’s okay because they are getting teeth now and also because it’s allowing them to breastfeed. We’ve been fortunate enough with our experience that we actually purchased a second freezer to store all of my breastmilk. There are over 600 6 oz bags of pumped breastmilk available for my twins. Given this, I have also decided to donate to other moms through Human Milk for Human Babies. This organization works as a global network and community to bring moms together and promote the nourishment of babes and children around the world with breastmilk. I feel proud to have had this experience and to be able to support others with theirs.

A Story of Differences

With breastfeeding just like pregnancies, birth experiences, and children – each time is different. Thank you Margot for sharing how each experience varies.

With my first, breastfeeding felt so easy and natural. My son latched perfectly and ate often and some days I felt like all I did was breastfeed him. We kept breastfeeding until he was almost two. I was pregnant with his sister and my body couldn’t keep up with nurturing two babes any longer. This overlap, while I was pregnant with my daughter and still nursing my son, was a beautiful time of connection. Some people thought that I was crazy to breastfeed him as long as I did, but I followed his lead, and he weaned himself, slowly and steadily. I didn’t worry much about it.

When Beth arrived, it was an entirely different experience. We struggled with latching, thrush and a lot of nursing pain. Finally, two and half months later, after what felt like forever, we developed a great breastfeeding relationship. Recently, I was given the opportunity to return to work, but not how I originally had planned it. I didn’t go back to work full time until my son was almost a year, so going back to work with Beth at 5 months old seems daunting. She hates taking the bottle. We practice every day but soon I’ll be back at work and the bottle will be her only option during the day. Both journeys have been different, but they’ve also been incredibly beautiful and an important part of our lives.

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